Claire Danes Claire Danes

Do you have any intel on Homeland's next season? — Paul, Burlington, Vt.
The Season 3 premiere of Showtime's Emmy-winning hit will begin shooting in North Carolina at the end of May. Besides the expected new roles of a senator and National Security Advisor, the series is also casting actors to play psychiatrist Dr. Troy Richardson (for Carrie, we presume); a grandmother named Lois (perhaps Brody's or Jessica's mom will help with the kids?); a couple of girls in therapy plus a handsome young man named Leo (Dana's new pals?); and a fortysomething guy who ends up being someone's one-night stand. Oh, Carrie...

Are we going to have to wait until Bones' series finale for the wedding of Brennan [Emily Deschanel] and Booth [David Boreanaz]? — Gillian, Plano, Texas
That's long been the assumption, but executive producer Stephen Nathan says, "If we lived in a predictable universe, that's exactly what would happen. But we're not a predictable show." Though stopping short of confirming that the "I do"s will be exchanged next year, Nathan does say that "there will be one huge event" that brings the whole Bones family together. "And I mean the whole ­family — including Brennan's father, Max, and Booth's mother, brother, son and grandfather." That sure sounds like a save-the-date to me.

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