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I can't stand the suspense! Are we finally going to see whose wedding the gang is at on How I Met Your Mother's season finale? — Nicole, Las Vegas 

"We're going to learn a great deal about this wedding, but not everything," teases executive producer Carter Bays of his top-secret May 16 season ender (the name of the episode: Barney's catchphrase, "Challenge Accepted").

I'm hearing the finale will reveal the face of only the bride or groom, with the other individual's identity revealed next season, which will also take place in a prewedding time period. "We'll sort of keep touching back on the wedding to fill out the details more and more as the series continues [at least through 2013]."

But with Ted confirmed as best man, Bays says we can safely predict that at least one or two of the following is the intended bride and/or groom: Barney, Robin or Ted's childhood friend, Punchy. "I can guarantee [the wedding] doesn't go great," adds Bays. "Nothing on this show is necessarily happily ever after. It'll be the end of somebody's love story and the beginning of Ted's." 

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