Jack Coleman Jack Coleman

Following news that Masi Oka has been cast as Hawaii Five-0's new coroner comes word that another Heroes alum, Jack Coleman (a.k.a Mr. Noah Bennet, a.k.a. Horned Rimmed Glasses), has landed a role on another CBS crime drama. In The Mentalist's Oct. 14th episode, Jack will be playing Max Armstrong, described to me as a wealthy, regal, arrogant, self-important man who becomes the prime suspect in a murder. Sounds like a lot like Sylar (minus that wealthy part). Watch for this Max character to attract Patrick Jane's curiosity because of his calm, cold and collected demeanor.

Turns out Mentalist co-star Owain Yeoman is a big Jack Coleman fan, but not from Jack's role on Heroes. "I'll always remember him as Steven Carrington on Dynasty," Owain tells me.

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