Jamie-Lynn Sigler Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who played mob daughter Meadow on HBO's The Sopranos, will guest star on the September 18 season finale of Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva. She'll play Tina Howard, described to me as a hard-edged but sweet travel agent with a sense of adventure. Bummer though — her traveling days are over due to her diagnosis of fatal cardiac disease. She'll be as dead as The Soprano's Big Pussy if she doesn't find a new heart. 

When Tina is offered a new ticker, she refuses it, as the heart is from her brother — a death row inmate who is to be executed in 72 hours. Tina wants nothing to do with her brother, and Jane (Brooke Elliott) must convince her to take the heart that will save her life. And then the real battle begins — Jane has to fight California law, which doesn't permit death-row inmates to donate organs. Jane doesn't have long to win her case as Tina's health is rapidly failing. Be still my heart!

"We wrote this role specifically for Jamie-Lynn," says executive producer Josh Berman. "The character she plays is tough, vulnerable, funny, and clever. She's perfect for it!"    

Jamie Lynn says she jumped at the role. "I love the show," she says. "It's fun and moving and there's nothing else like it on TV. Also, I love my part. It's something completely different from anything else I've ever played."

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