Kyra Sedgwick Kyra Sedgwick

With her final story arc on TNT's The Closer kicking off this summer, Kyra Sedgwick isn't plotting a happily-ever-after for her crimefighting character, Brenda Johnson. "I would like to end Brenda's story in a dark way," the Emmy winner says. "She's done some things that are a little morally questionable, [so] something must happen to her with the law, since she has taken the law into her hands on several occasions."

Sounds like Kyra's getting her wish. In the July 11 season premiere, Brenda is sued by the family of a gang member who was murdered after she left him on the streets to face retribution. "She is going to be in big, huge trouble," reveals creator James Duff, who'll introduce a hot-shot gay defense attorney named Gavin Q. to help Brenda.

Duff indicates that the fallout of this case will impact Brenda's marriage and eventually contribute to the character's denouement in 2012, along with "a couple of other major things that will happen that I can't go into." Hmmm... Might that include a pregnancy? "That might be something she'd consider if she's not working at the LAPD anymore. She has a big, wide world to explore, so we'll see."

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