Judith Ivey, Denis Arndt Judith Ivey, Denis Arndt

Hmm...what's going on over at Grey's Anatomy that has loved ones flying to Seattle this May? A baptism? A wedding? Or possibly a funeral?

The ABC series has just cast Judith Ivey (Designing Women, Big Love) and David E. Kelley favorite Denis Arndt (Picket Fences, The Practice) as Barbara and Col. Robbins, parents to Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). 

And Callie's papa, the formerly homophobic Carlos Torres (Hector Elizondo), will finally be getting his missus, named Lucia, a role now being cast.      

The arrival of Callie's (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona's parents further fuels rampant on-line speculation that the lady loves will join several other TV couples set to marry during May sweeps.

But if this is true, the women have some major challenges to overcome before then, including something that happens in Grey's March 31 musical episode that Sara describes as "a life-altering event that [allows Callie] to process why her life with Arizona is worth fighting for."

Might that thing worth fighting for be a three-tiered yellow butter cake with chocolate ganache topped with two plastic brides?  

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