Andre Braugher Andre Braugher

It was a double win for Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine and star Andy Samberg at Sunday's Golden Globes, but costar Andre Braugher is a big loser. In a good way.

Since beginning work on the Fox series, "Andre has lost twenty pounds," reveals Braugher's costar and body builder Terry Crews. "I encouraged him to start slow by doing something every day and now he tells me I'm his inspiration who changed his life." 

"Terry's my fitness guru," praises Braugher. "I now run every day, eat smart meals and try not to snack. If I want to be like Terry, I need to do what he does." 

While Braugher doesn't expect his physical transformation to be addressed on the show, the upcoming Jan. 21 episode will head to a gym when the team attempts to bust a steroid ring. "Because of my size, I go undercover at the gym," teases the 6'3" Crews. "The writers are always trying to find ways to get me shirtless."

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