Brandy Brandy

Brandy may have been robbed of the mirror ball trophy on last year's Dancing With the Stars, but she reclaimed her diva status and has landed a juicy recurring role on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva, which returns Sunday June 19 (9/8c). TV's former Moesha will appear in the season's final three episodes this September as sexy nurse Elisa Shayne, an old flame of attorney J. Parker.

"Drop Dead Diva is on my favorites' list," Brandy tells me exclusively. "And I am so thrilled that I get to be on it for at least three episodes. And such a juicy role!"

Adds series creator Josh Berman, "When I met Brandy, I knew immediately she was perfect for this role. I just wanted to hug her — which is exactly how the audience will feel. She's sweet and warm and drop dead gorgeous! Plus, she was my favorite on Dancing With the Stars — along with our series regular, Margaret Cho."

After a bad break-up eight years ago (vases were thrown), Elisa comes to Parker for legal help. A hard-working nurse from a blue-collar family, Elisa quit her job to stay by her father's bedside, as he suffered from (and ultimately succumbed to) congestive heart failure. Her legal issue? Her father's life insurance company refuses to pay out his policy, and with large bills to pay and no job, she needs the money.

There's more, adds Brandy. "I'm excited to play a woman with a secret that could have such a huge impact on other characters." Berman confirms it's "a big secret that no one will see coming." And one that could likely lead to Brandy's return in Season 4. "We are leaving her return open, but we have discussed it," Berman says. "And want to keep that option open."

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