Are You There Chelsea Are You There Chelsea

More than three decades after the psychedelic '70s, That '70s Show's Donna and Fez are looking remarkably youthful. An episode of NBC's upcoming sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? (starring Laura Prepon as a cocktail waitress loosely based on boozy talk-show host Chelsea Handler) finds Wilmer Valderrama guest starring as a minor league baseball player.

"Wilmer comes into the bar and totally throws me for a loop," Laura teases. "We have a couple of kissing scenes, which was really weird for us." That's because all the '70s stars have remained tight and still hang out regularly.

"When Kutch [Ashton Kutcher] started doing Two and a Half Men, I went to a couple of episodes to support him," says Laura. "He shoots on the next stage over from me, so I see him all the time. Mila [Kunis], Topher [Grace], Danny [Masterson] and Wilmer all came to my set last week. We're family forever."

Laura, Wilmer, Ashton and Danny are also co-owners of several restaurants, including Hollywood's Big Wangs, which reminds Laura of the New Jersey sports bar where her character works. "People should be able to relate to this set," she says. "Like Cheers, it's a place where you grab a beer and watch the game. Except this time I'm the Sam Malone."

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