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Jaime Sommers fans should mark their calendars for the October 19 release of The Bionic Woman on DVD. This eagerly anticipated title, which was delayed for years due to rights issues associated with the original Six Million Dollar Man novel, Cyborg, from which both the 1970's The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman television series were based, will include all of the first season episodes starring Lindsay Wagner as the Bionic Jaime Sommers. Additionally, this four-disc set includes five crossover episodes from The Six Million Dollar Man series, and a Bionic Beginnings featurette with an all-new interview with Wagner.

The five Six Million Dollar Man crossover episodes, which established the spin-off series, are "The Bionic Woman, Parts I and II"; "The Return of the Bionic Woman, Parts I and II" and "Welcome Home, Jaime," the episode in which Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson) arranges a job for Jaime as a schoolteacher while living with the parents of Bionic Man Steve Austin (Lee Majors). Secretly, of course, Jaime is working for Goldman's Office of Scientific Investigations to apprehend lunatics out to take over the world. Fans will be able to listen to episode commentaries from director Alan J. Levi, writer James. D. Parriott and writer/director Kenneth Johnson. There's also a gag reel and a photo gallery. No word yet on when we'll see The Six Million Dollar Man released on DVD or when we'll get to see those incredibly campy "Bionic Bigfoot" crossover episodes from Bionic Woman's second season. But those can't be far behind. I can almost hear the pitter 'pounder' of giant feet approaching...

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