What was Kaysar thinking? After an eternity standing in a big plastic box holding a button, he decided to hand over the HOH competition to Jennifer? And then he looked surprised when she reneged on their deal? I am so disappointed in him. I was voting for him and was thrilled when he got back in the house, and then the smartest player of the season went and made a really dumb play. Jennifer and her little "friendship" are going to be so annoying this week. I almost would rather have seen James win HOH; at least that would have been more interesting. I'm not even sure that he's still a threat. Sure. he's a wild card, but if everyone knows he's a compulsive liar and no one trusts him, then what's the big deal? This whole week is going to be frustrating to watch. Oh, and if one more person says that they aren't on this show for the money, I seriously think I'm going to be sick.