The likely final season of Dawson's Creek gets underway tonight with a special two-hour episode that finds one of the show's longest story arcs — the love saga of Dawson and Joey — coming full circle. Finally, after six years of foreplay, the angst-ridden duo finally get it on.

But for Joey's portrayer, Katie Holmes, the long-awaited tryst didn't get her all hot and bothered. "It was like kissing your brother!" she laughs of co-star James Van Der Beek, adding, "I love when Dawson and Joey are together; it's fun to play. They have this really strange, manipulative relationship.

"Things don't particularly work out," she adds of the inevitable post-coital fall-out. Holmes also reveals that Joey's life is further complicated by a new professor (played by One Life to Live's Roger Howarth), who she says "isn't as nice as the old ones. Joey's going to have a tougher, more realistic year."

Adding to the angst: Holmes confirms that this will "probably be the last season" for the WB soap. But the actress — who stars opposite Benjamin Bratt in the psychological thriller Abandon (in theaters Oct. 18) — won't necessarily turn her back on TV once the sun sets on Creek. "This business is such a privilege to be in," she says diplomatically. "I don't think that just because you're on television, it makes you less of an actor. Acting is acting, and I think everyone's pretty lucky to be where they are."