How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother

Talk about costume drama! Katie Holmes will guest star in the October 31 episode of How I Met Your Mother as the infamous Slutty Pumpkin. Fans will remember that at a rooftop Halloween bash in Season 1, Ted (Josh Radnor) met a girl in a jack-o'-lantern getup with "strategically placed holes." They had major chemistry, but he lost her number. Always the romantic, Ted returned to the party every year since, hoping she'd come back.

"She has been one of the most mysterious characters in the show, other than the actual mother," says cocreator Craig Thomas. "We wanted to meet the Slutty Pumpkin, but we knew it had to be someone really special."

In the episode, Ted tracks down Holmes' character, Naomi, after seeing the costume by chance in a shop window and digging into its rental history. They finally meet and hit it off — but there's a twist. Hints Thomas, "She's beautiful, sweet and enthusiastic, but Ted's dealing with expectation versus reality, and so is she."

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