Katie Holmes by B. Ach/WireImage.com Katie Holmes by B. Ach/WireImage.com

Think what you will about Katie Holmes' personal life, but the young mom is making a big professional move with a Broadway debut this fall.

The actress - who, for the sake of contrast, found stardom on Dawson's Creek - will be moving on to meatier material (or drier, depending on your Dawson fandom) with Arthur Miller's All My Sons. The play depicts the tragedy of a man who knowingly sold defective plane parts to the government during World War II, and has to face the truth when his son wants to propose to his business partner's daughter. Holmes will be starring alongside the likes of John Lithgow, Patrick Wilson and Dianne Wiest.

Details of the play's opening date and theater have not yet been announced but when they are...we just might be lining up. Will you? - Anna Dimond

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