Katee Sackhoff by Justin Stephens/Sci Fi Channel Photo Katee Sackhoff by Justin Stephens/Sci Fi Channel Photo

What does Katee Sackhoff really think of the canceled (though not yet officially) Bionic Woman? After all, many thought she was the only reason to watch. The former Sarah Corvis didn't mince words when she answered TV Guide's question during a Friday conference call: "The main problem with Bionic Woman is that if you get too many hands in the pot, no one can agree with what they're trying to make so you get a stew that's made of s--t." That said, Sackhoff says she "would follow [ Bionic/ Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick] to the end of the earth" - which means that maybe Eick will consider her for his upcoming TV take on Children of Men. Not that Sackhoff is necessarily dying to do another kick-butt action project. No, she claims that what she really wants to do "is a romantic comedy with James McAvoy."

Turning to Galactica, which returns April 4... what's her wish for Starbuck's end? "Peace - whether that comes with death or transcendence." Sackhoff also answered our query about the placement of the characters in BSG's Last Supper-esque print ad. Though she claimed the actors don't know what it means, she does find Tricia Helfer's Number Six in the messiah position to be "quite interesting."

For fans of Lee Adama and Starbuck winding up together, Sackhoff is a skeptic. "They're not meant to be," she said, adding that the best couple could be [ Shudder] Starbuck and her Cylon guy - not newly revealed toaster Anders but Leoban, the one who kept her prisoner and she kept trying to kill.

Sackhoff also revealed that she agrees with exec producer Ron Moore that a BSG movie should be a no-go. "What's so brilliant about the show is that it's been a four-year movie." It was also, she says, the best TV experience she's ever had. Who'd frakkin' argue with that? - Ileane Rudolph