Kate Walsh Kate Walsh

The rotating doors at Seattle Grace may welcome back another familiar face — again.

Private Practice star Kate Walsh, whose multi-episode Grey's Anatomy-Practice crossover stint concluded Thursday night, says you may not have seen the last of her on her former show.

"I might [come back]," she tells Us Weekly. "I'm not gonna say. Who knows what's in the mind of [show creator] Shonda Rhimes."

The actress says she was "really thrilled" to get the call to stop by Grey's again as "it's always fun to go back." But for now, she's content heading Oceanside Wellness on Practice. "I'm about to wrap Private Practice and I'm having a great time," she says. "I'm thrilled with the numbers, and I'm in a great place."

Do you want to see more Addison on Grey's, or has the past three weeks been enough?