Kate Gosselin Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin says she has a "new attitude" to tackle single parenthood as Jon & Kate Plus 8 returns from a hiatus following the split from her husband.

"It is my new attitude that I am going to do things that I have never done before," Kate says in a clip from Monday's episode. "If I've never grilled before, I'm going to grill. If I've never camped before, I'm going to camp. It might take me a while, but I can figure it out, so that stemmed out of all of that. Like my new attitude is, 'I can do.'"

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The sneak peek shows, as promised

by TLC president Eileen O'Neill, the single mom attempting to set up a tent for her eight children in the backyard. The children are doing well in light of her and Jon's divorce, Kate says in her new interview chair."They still are kids. They still enjoy things. They still want to do things," she says. "It is not their fault that what has transpired has transpired."

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Jon & Kate Plus 8, which went on hiatus following the Gosselins' divorce announcement in June, returns Monday at 9/8 CT with two new episodes.Watch the full clip below.