Will Ferrell, Kara DioGuardi Will Ferrell, Kara DioGuardi

Oh, you cliffhangers. How you fill our summer months with frustration. We despise you for denying us any closure, but we love you at the same time — because in the land of television, a season usually ends with you, or it ends forever. This week we focus on some edge-of-your-seat endings, and a few we won't lose sleep over. Welcome to Top Moments, to-be-continued edition.

11. Toughest Break: Yes, it's a far cry from the happily ever after that "MiSa" fans held out for. But Prison Break's daring decision to send Michael to the one prison he can never escape deserves our respect. He loved well and lived hard.

10. Cleanest Break: The Bachelor nearly broke the drama meter a few months back, so the Bachelorette's premiere resets it at zero with a break-dancing contest between two of the guys vying for Jillian's affections. It ends with break-dance instructor Michael getting a rose and pompous fitness model Greg getting served. (Did we just sound really cool or really old?)

9. Undercooked Roast Award: Jeffrey Ross' roast of the Dancing with the Stars cast has its bright moments ("Belinda Carlisle... I love the way you're dressed like a hooker from Battlestar Galactica"), but he loses points for letting Denise Richards off scott-free. What happened, Jeff? Did you spend too much time coming up with that "Can I marry you?" line for Melissa Rycroft? Because she's heard that one before. Anyway, Congratulations to Shawn Johnson for an Olympic win.

8. Most Pointless Cliffhanger: 90210's finale reveals that Ethan has secretly taken a shine to Silver — and the two share a smooch that suggests a pending love triangle with Dixon. But shouldn't 90210 have explored this plotline earlier, since Ethan's not expected to come back next season?

7. Best-Timed Cliffhanger: On Breaking Bad, all of Walt's problems come to a head at once as he tries to carry out a major meth deal as his partner discovers heroin and his wife goes into labor. What makes this especially well-timed? The season is still underway. We get to see how this one resolves next week, not next year.

6. Worst Cliffhanger: Who is Mike marrying on Desperate Housewives? Susan? Katherine? Who cares? As charming as James Denton might be, Mike Delfino hasn't had good romantic chemistry with a girlfriend on the show since pipes were made of lead and plumbers also foretold the weather.

5. Most Torturous Cliffhanger: "I guess she'll call when she is ready," says NCIS' Tony, referring to Ziva, who fails to join the team for the trip home from Israel. But just before Season 6 fades to black, Ziva is revealed to be nowhere near a phone: She's the bloodied prisoner of abusive interrogators. Can she go the entire hiatus without talking?

4. Least Expected Cliffhanger: Southland's finale seems to be winding down with one of those all-is-right-with-the-world season-ending montages: Adams has saved a witness from gangbangers, Salinger is reunited with his daughter, Sherman and a hokey folk singer have broken things off, Cooper watches the fireworks with his possible boyfriend. And then, with seconds left in the season, Tom Everett Scott's little-used Det. Clarke gets shot by one of his feuding neighbors while trying to break up their fight. NBC has made the unfortunate decision to move the show next season to Friday nights, television's graveyard. But Southland is worth following anywhere.

3. Strangest... Goodbye?: Saturday Night Live host Will Ferrell returns to the Billy Joel comedy mine (last visited in Step Brothers) with a straightforward rendition of the singer's "Goodnight Saigon" that may or may not also function as a season-finale farewell to Darrell Hammond, SNL's longest-serving cast member. The sketch finds Ferrell sharing the stage with a baffling and impressive array of guests, including past and present SNLers, Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway, and Paul Rudd, all of whom join in the song's chorus: "And we will all go down together." Is the sketch mocking overstuffed ballads and excessive guest stars? Embracing a song that manages to be simultaneously corny and beautiful? Or bidding a pre-emptive goodbye to a colleague whose future is uncertain? The cliffhanger here is behind the scenes.

2. Least-Appropriate Messenger: As 24's latest grueling day comes to a close, a handcuffed Tony lashes out at Jack, claiming he let his country down by not cold-bloodedly killing Allen Wilson, the seemingly mild-mannered mastermind behind several of the past season's atrocities. As if anyone's taking Tony's advice on patriotism.

1. Best Upstaging: American Idol's "Bikini Girl" must have thought she was pretty slick, returning to the show's finale to sex it up in her trademark ensemble. But oft-loathed fourth judge Kara DioGuardi steals her spotlight by not only outsinging her on "Vision of Love," but ripping her dress open to reveal her own skimpy two-piece. It was almost as impressive as Kris Allen's upset.

What were your Top Moments?