8:40: Oh by the way, hi! I'm Erin Fox. I live to blog these events. Hope you have fun, too. Kanye is in the black light, neon house! It's insanely wicked, and a homage to Tron. If you don't know what

Tron is, kids, look it up. OK, now it's turned sad. Kanye has MAMA shaved into his head (dope in a respectful way... ) and an angel is projected above as he sings his tribute to his late mother. It's sweet and simple. He gets a standing ovation from some, tears from others. 8:50 Fergie sings and John Legend plays. She's so not worthy of him. I want to hurl. I don't get why she's so damn Fergelicious. Kirsten at TVG says she should stick to her lady lumps. I agree. Ferg presents Best Album from a Motion Picture Event, etc. to Love by Cirque du Soleil. Ringo accepts and is exceptionally short. Did you think he was that short? Now playing on TVGuide.com's Grammy Awards site : " Review our complete list of winners and nominees " Check our editors' predictions. Do you agree? " Vote for your favorites in our reader poll! " Browse photos of Grammy highlights, on and off the stage " Watch videos of your favorite nominees " And, of course, the live Grammys recap blog