In JusticeGenerally, I have an aversion to procedural crime dramas, so why am I digging this mid-season underdog? The writing's decent, and the acting's better than average (I'll forgive Kyle MacLachlan for channeling

William Shatner's Denny Crane on Boston Legal), but there's something else. Maybe it's the sympathetic liberal inside of me who thinks there's nothing so unjust as innocent people getting locked up for crimes they didn't commit. Then again, maybe I just get a huge kick out of seeing Curtis Armstrong (aka Booger from Revenge of the Nerds) posing as a public defender! But seriously, this poor man went to prison because an eyewitness made a crucial mistake. Everyone involved with the case assumed the perp was black in fact when he was white. See, that's what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of "U," and you keep a man locked away from his wife and child for 13 years. I'll admit, I got a little choked up when he was reunited with his family outside the prison, but did you notice how they parked like 100 yards away from him when they came to pick him up? Oh, I know it's all about the drama, that moment of recognition: Is it really him? Is it really her? Is he really free? Yes! Now get over there and pick him up! The man just spent half his life in prison don't make him walk! I really hope this show can maintain its good start, but I'm reminded of another ABC mid-season series from last year that began well only to end up in the can. It was called Eyes. Remember it? Yeah, exactly.