Just in time for Halloween, FX gives us a creepfest that made the "normal" episodes tame in comparison. I really have to remember not to be eating while watching this show. It was creepy enough that the dude was assembling a body made of the corpses of various women, but finding out the head was his sister's? How pleasant. Speaking of the head, did you not think that it looked like Ruth Fisher from Six Feet Under? I was actually looking for Frances Conroy's name in the closing credits as "Laura's head." Yikes. While we're talkin' creepy, or rather, sleazy, how about Gina giving sexual favors to the construction workers in order to get discounts on their service? And inside the port-a-potties! Starting a business is hard work, but come on. Glad Julia wasn't havin' it. Now that Jessalyn Gilsig is in the opening credits, we'll be seeing more of Gina's sleaziness. Thanks for all the Carver prediction feedback I got last week. Lots of you think it may be Gina, some of you think it's Quentin and some think it's Kimber. Any of the three could've done it, but because Gina has turned into Alex Forrest, I'm going with Gina. At least for now. I keep waiting for her to say "I won't be ignored, Christian!" Having Liz take a general-practitioner position at Julia and Gina's surgical-recovery spa just adds to the drama of it all. The creep-a-thon ended with Sean cremating the head of Frankenlaura (which was the episode's title). Maybe it was a way to release his demons? Or at least a head start. Dave Anderson

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