How's this for irony: Where was CNN American Morning host Paula Zahn when she first saw the cable network's now-infamous TV spot touting her as "just a little sexy?" "I was working out on my Stairmaster," the 20-year news vet tells Access Hollywood. Still, Zahn insists that she wasn't flattered by the ad — even though it implied that her cardio workouts were paying off big time! "It was offensive. I've worked in this business for more than 20 years proving my credibility and what you want to hear promoted is the strength of your journalism." (Or your quadriceps.) For his part, Fox News Channel troublemaker Bill O'Reilly isn't buying Zahn's politically correct reaction to the ruckus, saying: "If Paula Zahn doesn't think she's there partially because she's a good-looking babe, then she's in never-never land." Hey Bill, jealous much?