I was just getting ready to write about how wonderful it was that this episode didn't end on a big cliff-hanger and instead resolved with Keith agreeing to run for sheriff... and then they had to go and hit me with that last scene. Why does the dead guy who washed ashore have Veronica's name written on his hand? Every time I think I'm actually getting somewhere in figuring out any part of this mystery, the sneaky writers throw me for a huge loop. They still remember to insert brilliantly witty dialogue and to use of guest stars cleverly. It was so smart to have Clerks creator Kevin Smith working as a clerk at a convenience store. If only Veronica could have been the 37th person to ask about the dead guy's last meal instead of the 97th... now that would have been a perfect in-joke.

On the love-life front, Wallace has a girlfriend. Or at least he's got the interest of the prissy Jackie, who should keep hanging around him as long as he remains useful. Logan and Mrs. Casablancas are having a torrid, wall-banging, "Live Large" condom kind of affair, and the Beav and Veronica are both onto it. Duncan's ex-girlfriend, Meg, is the only one who survived the bus accident, but she's on life support. Though this news threatened Duncan and Veronica's relationship, they wound up having sex, for the first time kinda. This time she was conscious and not related to him. But as the awkward encounter with Logan at the motel proved, Duncan may be sweet, but he doesn't exactly know how to push her buttons. He's got a nice room, but what teenager has a Mona Lisa pillow? That's just weird. AC

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