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She may be on Two and a Half Men, but Judy Greer has another show that is far more near and dear to her heart: Her new Yahoo! web series Reluctantly Healthy.

Part of Yahoo!'s inaugural slate of original online programming, the series, consisting of 3-to-5-minute long episodes that go live every Monday, features Greer and her team of health and fitness experts cooking and doling out advice for her fellow busy bees on the run. "I've never pitched an idea before. I guess it's beginner's luck," Greer, who plays Ashton Kutcher's ex-wife Bridget on Men, tells TVGuide.com. "It does feel like a baby. I've also never been so invested in a project. Usually I'm just auditioning or acting in things, which is super awesome, but this is my idea."

Find out why Greer decided to segue to the web, why she hasn't joined Twitter yet and how Bridget may further break Walden's heart on Men.

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How involved are you in the conception and execution of the episodes?

I'm totally involved. All the experts whom I've begged to do this with me are people I've known. All the ideas so far have been mine. They're all things I want to learn. I'm kind of selfish like that. (Laughs) I'm just going to ask people to teach me things and then it can go on the Internet and maybe people will want to learn it too. It genuinely came from me not knowing how to cook, not knowing the best exercise techniques, not knowing how to order more healthy meals in a restaurant.It wasn't that long ago that online was considered second tier.
I know! But I think that's the way everything will be going in the future, like everything's going to be online. It's fun to be in on the ground floor of that. I also felt with Yahoo!, specifically, that they're the ones to work with because 26 million a month go to the website. Besides Two and a Half Men, which I'm lucky to be on too, you don't get numbers like that on a TV show now. The production [of Yahoo!'s shows] also is so incredible that they don't feel like a web show that we're shooting with a Flip Cam, which was kind of what I thought it would be. The quality of the video feels and looks like it costs a lot more money than it does. I was really impressed. This is a real show and it's fun. I think it used to be like, oh, the web is selling out, but so much has changed. Online is where it's at.The show's inspired by your bad habits. What are they?
Oh, I'm the worst. I'm a junk food addict. I love fast food. I love Taco Bell a lot, more than I wish I did. I don't exercise as much as I should. Mostly it's because of traveling and being busy. Everyone when they have extra free time can cook a healthy meal or work out. What do you do when life gets away from you? ... I just wanted to share this with people who don't have a lot of time. Maybe you're making coffee and you can watch a 3-minute episode on your computer while you're getting organized for your day at work. It's fast and that was what was appealing to me. That's the kind of thing I would personally respond to. If I see a list of, like, "10 things you can do" or "5 ways to do this" or "3 ways to do that," I'm like, I will buy the book! I won't ever read it, but I will buy it! (Laughs)What are some of your favorite tips or recipes you've done?
We do five exercises you can do anywhere with no equipment and get a full-body workout. ... I learned how to make this really awesome soup out of all frozen ingredients. It's really pretty too. It's bright green because the base is frozen peas. You can buy all the ingredients and keep them in your freezer for months. I always have good intentions to cook on Sundays and buy vegetables and fruit, and they all rot. Wasting food makes me sick. Then we did one where we bought 15 things at the supermarket and got five meals out of it. The big ingredient is a roasted chicken and there are all these things you can do with the pieces.

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Was there anything you learned that blew your mind?
In the organic episode, the health expert took an apple and sprayed it with hairspray. She was like, "This is what it's like eating food with pesticides on it." If you're not buying organic apples, you should definitely be cleaning it. I always kind of run it under water, but I was like, "Gross!" That was great because not everyone can buy organic, it was cool for her to show me what to focus on. The show just premiered, but have you heard any fan reactions yet?
No, but I don't have Facebook or Twitter yet. I've never been motivated until now to do it. My friends are tweeting all the time, but I'm like, "I don't know what to say." But I guess it's really important to have them.But you have something interesting to say now. You can tweet a picture of a hairspray-ed apple.
Yeah! I can! I might also tweet about my dog. That would be the only boring thing. He's so cute. I should make him tweet for me. But now I can talk about this. It feels like a more meaningful tweet than, "I got new shoes today!" "Oh my God! The line at Starbucks is so long!" I can't imagine myself ever tweeting that.

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We have to talk about that other show. What can we expect on Two and a Half Men? Joe Manganiello's coming on as your boyfriend.
Yes, that's in a few episodes. It's a really good episode. I'm not allowed to say too much, but Ashton gets some serious competition from Joe. If you thought he was depressed before, wait. It may break his heart even more. It's amazing how he reacts. I wouldn't say Joe is her boyfriend. They're just dating, but he is pretty tall and dreamy. It was pretty awesome on set when I was standing between Ashton and Joe. I was like, "I'm in a beefcake sandwich. This is awesome!"You were previously on as Judith's sister-in-law, so how did you reincarnate into Bridget?
I don't know exactly their reasoning behind it. They just liked me and thought I would be great in the role. ... I was so thrilled that I didn't want to ask any questions! (Laughs) It's been super fun to be back. Ashton and I have fun together. I didn't think too much of it, but I have been getting a lot of, "I can't believe you're back as another person." I loved doing it before and it does feel like a different show. I've done four [episodes] already and hopefully there will be more after that. I haven't been told anything, but I would like to see Bridget and Walden work it out, though I don't think that will happen for a while.
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