CBS announced the identities of the 16 castaways participating in Survivor: Thailand this morning, and exec producer Mark Burnett is calling the group the best-looking yet. (We're inclined to believe him.) Among the future inductees into the Reality Has-Been Hall of Fame: a 29-year-old female firefighter, a 53-year-old first-grade teacher, an abs-olutely stunning 25-year-old dental student, a 40-year-old pastor and a 30-year-old NYC police officer named Ken (pictured, left) — who we're pegging as the Colby of the bunch. Also keep an eye out for 27-year-old Texas babe Penny, who could be the next Colleen Haskell. To view pics of all 16 contestants, click here. Survivor: Thailand premieres Thursday, Sept. 19.