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Who needs Comic-Con when you can go to Pacey-Con?

In a new Funny or Die video, Joshua Jackson — everyone's favorite Dawson's Creeker (sorry, James) — staged an event a stone's throw away from Comic-Con to celebrate all things Pacey Witter.

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Wearing a signature Pacey bowling shirt and flanked by a "Pacey-Con 2010: Capeside to San Diego" banner (in DC

font), Jackson thanked fans for devoting "their lives to Pacey" and gave kudos to a few guys for their "excellent Pacey costumes."With such undying love and attachment to Pacey, one must wonder why Jackson even signed on to Fringe (which actually had a Comic-Con panel).

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"The honest answer is I'm only doing it to fund my first love, which is Pacey fan fiction," Jackson says before reading some to his fans. "You can just expand the universe with that character in any direction that you want.""Pacey Witter is the greatest character in television history," he says in closing.

Watch the video below: