Josh Brolin, W Josh Brolin, W

Josh Brolin will give good "W" when he hosts SNL this weekend.

Brolin, who plays President George W. Bush in Oliver Stone's new film, W, says to "expect a lot of fun and some surprising moments," reports People.

John McCain, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have not made any appearances this season, but Brolin hints that someone else may steal the show on Saturday. "There's a good chance that W. [himself] may appear in a skit," adding, "You'll have to watch to find out."

The actor should have no trouble reprising his role as the 43rd POTUS. Brolin admitted it's been tough shaking the President's twang and mannerisms and has been told by his wife (actress Diane Lane) and kids to knock it off. "My kids keep telling me, 'Stop doing the voice thing, Dad. Its not cool.' "

Are you excited to see Brolin take on W. on SNL and at the box office? Who else do you think should make an appearance before the election is out (Palin!!!)?