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Jonah Hill's Induction Into Saturday Night Live's Five-Timer Club Was a Star-Studded Affair

Welcome to the club!

Amanda Bell

Jonah Hill's latest turn as host of Saturday Night Livewas a pretty big deal because it meant he got to join the illustrious "Five-Timers Club" -- of which recent inductees include Justin Timberlake and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson -- after having hosted the show four times previously, in 2008, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

"This has been a dream of mine since the fourth time I hosted," Hill bragged of the feat.

As is custom, the Maniacstar was joined for his celebratory monologue by a few fellow inductees. First, Tina Fey ushered him back to the club's special lounge and, while there, he got to rub elbows with Drew Barrymore and Candace Bergen, as a portrait of Scarlett Johansson lurked over them all.

His enthusiasm was quickly dampened, however, when Bergen greeted him with, "Welcome to the Five-Timers Club, Seth." When Hill tried to clarify that he was not, in fact, Seth Rogen but was Jonah Hill, Bergen responded simply, "And that's not the same guy?"

Apart from the four women in the room (counting Johansson), there was only one female Five-Timer missing (Melissa McCarthy), but Hill was surprised that all they men who belong in the group weren't available for his shindig.

"They're not allowed in right now 'cause it turns out they're all a bunch of horny perverts," Fey said in response to his query about why his party was like "ladies' night."

One fella who was still allowed in was Kenan Thompson, the longest-lasting SNL star ever. "This is my show," he insisted. "I let you in here sometimes."

After much ado, Hill finally received his jacket but had to make peace with the new, bedazzled design of it. Oh, well. Welcome to the club, Seth!