Apparently there's at least one Daily Show contributor who wants to stick around. Newbie correspondent Trevor Noah is currently the front-runner to take over hosting when Jon Stewart departs, according to Variety.

9 things to know about new Daily Showhost Trevor Noah

Noah, who only joined the Comedy Central series in December, has reportedly been on the short list since February. The South African comedian currently acts as the show's senior international correspondent, but he previously hosted his own late-night show in South Africa for two seasons.

Noah has also appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and was the first African stand-up comic to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Comedy Central is already the only network to feature a non-Caucasian late-night host (The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore). Promoting Noah, who is biracial, would further the network's incentive to seek "people able to articulate a unique world view," Variety notes.

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