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Thirty-four percent of votes cast in's poll came from people predicting Jon and Kate Gosselin will announce on Monday's special one-hour episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 that they are going into marriage counseling. The possibility of a trial separation yielded 31 percent of the votes, while divorce received 29 percent. Picking up 6 percent of the vote was the possibility of the couple adding to their clan.

A day before the announcement, Jon spent Father's Day playing in the yard with his eight kids. Where was Kate?

"No idea," Jon told fans outside his Wernersville, Pa., home, People reports.

The patriarch, who played lacrosse and on a Slip 'N Slide with his kids, remained just as vague when fans asked him about the state of his marriage and whether he was apartment-hunting at Trump Place in New York City last week, as Gawker reported. "You'll have to watch the show," he said.

A day earlier, Jon was spotted taking sextuplet Aaden to the hospital. The boy hit his head running in the house, but is now "fine" after getting stitches, Jon said. For Father's Day, Aaden and his siblings crafted homemade cards for Jon. Jon said his present is "spending time with them."

The special one-hour Jon & Kate airs Monday at 9 pm/ET on TLC.