Jon Hamm Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm will be pulling double duty when Mad Men goes back into production in August. The actor, who stars as the hard-drinking advertising whiz Don Draper, will direct the Emmy-winning drama's fifth season premiere, TVLine reports.

"The wheels have officially been set in motion to make that happen," Hamm says. "It's a very exciting challenge that I'm looking forward to with a mixture of utter fear and excitement."

Mad Men's January Jones is pregnant

Well, perhaps not too much fear. Hamm claims he gained confidence after observing his co-star John Slattery direct an earlier episode. "I figured if he can do it, s—--, I can do it too."

January Jones, who plays Hamm's on-screen ex-wife Betty, recently revealed she's pregnant and is expecting in the fall. Since Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is notorious about keeping plot details under wraps, it's unknown whether or not her pregnancy will be written into the show.

Season 5 will premiere in March 2012.