Jon Hamm, <EM>Mad Men</EM> Jon Hamm, Mad Men

Jon Hamm leads the brilliant and much-nominated cast of Mad Men (Sundays at 10 pm/ET, AMC) as Sterling Cooper's stoic and sometimes mysterious top ad man Don Draper. Though Hamm's fictional counterpart might be hard to crack, we got the actor to open about everything from his two- (or three- or four-) martini lunches and why he wants a guest role on 30 Rock.

TV Guide: You play an advertising genius. Is there a product you'd endorse in exchange for a lifetime supply?
Jon Hamm:
Budweiser. I'm from St. Louis, c'mon. I know that it's been bought out by a foreign company — don't talk to me about it — it's a big part of the city I grew up in. But God bless beer. That's two things Americans love: God and beer.

TV Guide: Did you ever buy anything "as seen on TV"?
Hamm: My dad had one of those Ronco Glass Frosters, which gives you instant frosted mugs for beer and I thought, "This is badass!" It was probably Freon or something — a terrible idea but it looked cool on television.

TV Guide: Have you appeared in any ads?
Hamm: I think I was in a commercial a long time ago for the Missouri Lottery. Jen and I are doing part of the holiday campaign for the Gap.

TV Guide: Jen is your girlfriend, screenwriter/actress Jennifer Westfeldt. How did you meet?
Hamm: Through a mutual friend. She writes very interesting romantic comedies like Kissing Jessica Stein. Jen and I had known each other a year before we started dating and now we have lived together for about seven years.

TV Guide: Have fashion designers been begging you to walk the runway?
Hamm: It's a young man's game, that runway walking. I think there are other people who are better looking and in better shape than me.

TV Guide: How do you get camera-ready for Mad Men's sex scenes?
I try to stay in shape. I am not a gym guy; it bores me to tears. So I play tennis and hike in the hills with the dog. I don't think I have the temperament for yoga. Is there competitive yoga? Then maybe I'd be into it.

TV Guide: What's the longest two-martini lunch you've taken?
Hamm: If it was long enough it was probably a few more than two. John Slattery and I have been known to tip a few martinis. After the Emmy nomination, Jen and I had a celebratory martini — a nice Ketel One with olives. It was delicious.

TV Guide: How much of your wardrobe at home comes from the Mad Men costume racks?
Hamm: Zero percent. My personal style is much more laid back. I have three pairs of jeans — knockaround Levis, Kicking Mule Workshop and Rag & Bone, which is some very high-end fanciness — a T-shirt and a replica St. Louis Browns cap.

TV Guide: Have you picked out your ensemble for the Emmys?
Hamm: Yes, it's going to be off the shoulder in a tasteful red. [Chuckling] That's just one more reason that it's awesome to be a guy in this industry: The hardest thing you have to think about is what kind of collar is on your tux. No one gets all over you for your red-carpet choices and you're not laughed at by 15 people on Bravo.

TV Guide: Watch a lot of Bravo, do you?
I watch Project Runway. But I also watch The Colbert Report. I'm a big fan of his, and I also can't wait to see what they do with Damages this season. I like Dexter and Sara Silverman, too. I try to get a good mix of comedy and drama in there.

TV Guide: If you could do a guest shot on any TV comedy what would it be?
I'd love to be anything on 30 Rock. I'd play Kenneth's boyfriend in a heartbeat. And he's not even necessarily gay.

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