To research her role as a seasoned flight attendant in the upcoming Gwyneth Paltrow comedy A View from the Top, Kelly Preston didn't have to book a ticket on United. "I have my own private plane," Mrs. John Travolta tells TV Guide Online. "I just asked our [personal] stewardess for a few tips."

Preston's flying lesson included all of the basics. "She taught me how to sit in case of an accident, how to serve drinks and how to pass out peanuts," explains the 38-year-old actress, who incidentally named her firstborn with Travolta Jett. "I actually worked a few flights, which was fun. My husband sure loved it!"

In A View From the Top (due in April 2002), Paltrow plays a young woman who dreams of someday becoming a stewardess. Married... with Children's Christina Applegate co-stars as Paltrow's rival at flight attendant school; Rob Lowe and Candice Bergen round out the cabin crew as a pilot and a retired stewardess, respectively.

With filming on the pic now completed, Preston has stowed her beverage cart away — although she drags it out on special occasions. "John and I have actually played naked stewardess on occasion," she winks, "which is always a lot of fun!"