NBC obviously thought Fox would still be airing the World Series, so they scheduled a repeat of the pilot. Not a smart move. The O.C. returns to Fox next week, so airing a new Joey tonight would've been more useful, don't you think?

Will & Grace
Speaking of repeats, NBC aired a repeat of one of last season's best episodes — the one with Mira Sorvino, perhaps Debra Messing's funniest episode ever. I would've watched the entire thing again if I didn't have so many other things to watch. Thank God for TiVo! Looking forward to Kristin Davis on next week's (new) episode.

Survivor: Vanuatu
What is with this edition? They just keep voting off the best-looking dudes early. Mechanical-bull operator John K., the very last of the "pretty boys," was voted off. Whatever. I was hoping one of the multiple "white chicks with brown hair" would go. Am I the only one who's been having trouble differentiating between most of the women this season? Julie, Eliza, Ami and Leann all kind of blend in together. At least we have the two older gals who are memorable: Scout and Twila. As for Scout, did she quietly come out to her tribemates tonight while going through the photos and referring to the woman in the photo with her as her "partner," or have I been missing something? Very classy the way they did that, in such a "please pass the salt"-subtle way. And Twila is a hoot, described tonight by John K. as a "rough redneck." I like to refer to Twila as "Reba McEntire without makeup." And how about Rory tonight? He pulled a Jayne from this season's The Bachelor and turned into a loon. Yikes!

The promo for CBS's Dallas Reunion
Can't wait. I'm so there. But CBS, why are you hiding my Charlene Tilton in the promos? I know she did the reunion. I went to her New Year's Eve party last year and sang karaoke with her. Swear to God.

Extreme Makeover
How frightening did Mark Strong look when he walked out "after"? Mick Jagger, anyone? I liked him better "before." But Eliza looked absolutely amazing "after."

Very daring of CBS to air an episode with such adult content — very ABC of them. In fact, they aired the disclaimer "Due to adult content, viewer discretion is advised" at the top of each half hour. That's what happens when the story involves a swinging murder at a sex party. Interesting guest stars included Doug Savant playing yet another one of those roles designed to try and make us forget he played Matt on Melrose Place, but he isn't anywhere as kinky on Desperate Housewives. Three other guest stars played against type: Aisha Tyler (recurring) in yet another oh-so-serious role like she did on Nip/Tuck, Wallace Langham from Veronica's Closet (is he letting himself go gray?) and Dedee "Michelle's sis" Pfeiffer from Cybill as one of the lead swingers. One guest star, Pruitt Taylor Vince, played his usual creepy sleazebucket as he does so well. And let's talk about one of the items in the dishwasher! Kinky, but clean, nonetheless.

The Apprentice
Bye bye, Elizabeth. Talk about everyone ganging up and showing "hate-oration"! I laughed at the horribly edited reaction shot of Raj right after The Donald gave his "You're fired" line to Elizabeth (as if he was actually surprised). The rest of the episode? Bored out of my gourd.

Life as We Know It
Oh how I hate it when characters stop what they are saying to the other characters and then break the fourth wall and start talking to the viewers. Ugh! Same reason why I've never gotten into Malcolm in the Middle. But I must say that besides that, I like this show. OK — I also hate that they use all lowercase for the show's title (notice how I used caps above out of retaliation). But those are two minor complaints. I just tonight realized that the actress who plays Jon Foster's mom is the same actress who played the mom on Freaks & Geeks! Becky Ann Baker. Love her! Creators and exec producers Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah brought her with them. As they did guest star Samm Levine. ABC just loves to put quality teen-oriented dramas on Thursday nights (a move that killed My So-Called Life). Move it, ABC, move it!

Repeat. NBC gave viewers another reason to check out CBS'...

Without a Trace
I was looking forward to this more than anything else on TV tonight. Elizabeth Berkley as a missing makeover-contest winner, a total takeoff on Fox's The Swan (this show was called American Goddess). And Elizabeth did not disappoint. She obviously gets better with age. She did a great job, not Showgirls over-the-top (speaking of which, my roommate and I need to have our Showgirls DVD-viewing party real soon). Evan Handler, most recently Charlotte's hubby on Sex and the City, played the creepy stepfather of Elizabeth's character Lynette and I kept thinking, "I saw him naked and wished I hadn't" (on SATC). Also playing against type was Brennan Elliot, formerly Janine Turner's BF on Strong Medicine. Lynette is eventually saved by the bell and wants all of her plastic surgery reversed so she can go back to looking ordinary like she used to. Hmmmm. Sounds so familiar. Maybe because it was just done on Nip/Tuck with TV Guide Channel's own Joan Rivers! Can we talk? — Rochell Thomas is enjoying a much deserved vacation. Dave Anderson wrote today's column in her place.