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The Artist won Best Picture at the Oscars, but let's face it: The silent, black-and-white flick doesn't appeal to everyone.

Enter Jimmy Kimmel.

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On his post-Oscars edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host unveiled the trailer for

Movie: The Movie, the catch-all film that features every conceivable genre and almost every conceivable Hollywood star.

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Billed as "a romantically comic political action thriller drama based on the novel Push by Sapphire," Movie: The Movie stars Tom Hanks as Robo Lawyer, Gary Oldman as a centaur, Daniel Day-Lewis as Tyler Perry as George Washington and Meryl Streep in a mustache — just to name a few. Sadly, there is one actor who got cut. We're guessing you can figure out who.If that's not enough star power for you, Kimmel also welcomed Oprah Winfrey as his guest and tried to pitch his own ideas to help her fledgling OWN Network. Our favorite: "Book Club Fight Club."Check out both videos below: