Jillian Michaels Jillian Michaels

Viewers have grown accustomed to watching Jillian Michaels whip contestants into shape at the Biggest Loser ranch. Now, the tough-as-nails trainer is upping the ante and actually moving in with her victims—gulp!—as she tries to teach five average families better life-coping skills in under a week in Losing It With Jillian (Tuesdays, 9/8c on NBC). (She returns two months later to see how they've fared.)

"It makes The Biggest Loser look like a freaking day at Disneyland," says Michaels. Not surprisingly, taking up residence with her targets isn't without drama. "I show up, and I have to figure out where things are broken," she says. "It's wildly intense—you see real issues and problems, from death to divorce. I have five days to do what usually takes me eight months, so I am up in their grill in every way."

The couch potatoes aren't the only ones who'll crack, either. "You will definitely learn what I struggle with and what I've been through. Professionally, I feel pretty together. Personally, I am a disaster area," says Michaels. "Part of the show is seeing me in these uncomfortable environments and how I relate to them. I'm growing in leaps and bounds."

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