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Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels is defending a recent statement about not wanting to have children, saying her comment was misconstrued.

In an interview with Women's Health magazine, the 36-year-old was quoted as saying, "I can't handle doing that to my body." One media outlet used the headline: "I won't ruin my body with pregnancy."

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Michaels tells TVGuide.com: "I never said anything about pregnancy ruining a body ... [if you] read the article the words 'won't' and 'ruin' are not even in it." (That's true: They're not.)

The trainer, who's promoting her book The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook, notes on Facebook that her decision against bearing children also has to do with "emotional issues and physical limitations that have resulted in that conclusion, some I have discussed publicly and some I haven't."

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Michaels, who also mentioned in Women's Health that she'd love to adopt, tells TVGuide.com: "I'm very supportive of mothers. Some of my favorite Hollywood bodies happen to be Madonna and Demi Moore, who both had multiple kids."

She adds that people misunderstanding her words "is just a part of being in the public eye and learning a hard lesson."