The bitch is back!

Jill Zarin makes her triumphant desperate return to Real Housewives of New York City next week, but Bravo knows we can't wait that long. That's why they've already released a sneak peek of Jill's appearance for us to dissect and gawk over!

Unfortunately, in the clip Jill isn't reunited with her BFF-turned-arch-enemy Bethenny (who, frankly, already has enough on her plate with her escalating feud with Ramona). Instead, Jill is seen sitting down to lunch with fellow O.G. of NYC Luann, Lu's right-hand woman Dorinda and, of course, Tom.

The ladies quickly fill Jill in on all the drama that went down at the Berkshires. But rather than feel grateful that she wasn't forced to attend a trip that left so many of the women in emotional distress, Jill just wanted a piece of the action. "I miss it," Jill admits. "I'm not going to lie. I kind of miss the gossip."

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Jill was fired just before Season 5 began filming and — unlike many other former Housewives — she hasn't made an appearance on the series since. However, her recent actions — including hosting a massive Real Housewives reunion lunch at her house — suggest that she might be attempting to sneak her way back into Bravo's good graces.

With Bethenny already back and the rumored returns of Kim and NeNe in Atlanta, the return of Jill Zarin doesn't seem that out of the question. And frankly, New York could use another Housewife who isn't afraid to take on Bethenny.