Jennifer Love Hewitt by Jeff Vespa/ Jennifer Love Hewitt by Jeff Vespa/

Most of us who navigate the celebuverse see this game played every day, so the Internet rumor that Jennifer Love Hewitt - she who dared to gain a few pounds - is in fact pregnant with her fiancé's baby comes as no surprise. The Ghost Whisperer's rep, though, is quick to nip the rumor in the bud, telling Us Weekly, "Jennifer is not pregnant."

Elsewhere in the land of denials, Pamela Anderson on Friday filed for divorce from husband No. 3, Rick Salomon, but those crazy kids might stay together after all. "We're working things out," the bombshell blogs on her website. You know, if Pammy worked half as hard as her publicist, there's no telling where her career might be. (Mind you, this divorce talk surfaces on the same day Pam penned a letter chastising Mars, Inc. for animal testing.)