Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston

Though Jennifer Anniston denied the rumors that she is pregnant — with twins, no less — on Oprah recently, the star of the upcoming Marley & Me says she feels like motherhood is in her future.

Aniston, who has been dating singer John Mayer on and off for the last few months, told Entertainment Weekly "It's almost going to take away the fun from actually being able to say one day, 'I'm pregnant!'" She also teased, "Everyone will be like, 'Yeah, right.' It's the boy who cried wolf. Stop stealing my thunder, motherf---ers!"

Aniston is on the cover of the Dec. 12 issue of EW to promote Marley — which opens Christmas day and costars Owen Wilson — and told the mag that her role in the movie let her feel out being a mother. She said, "I feel like that's in my future and I'm on the verge of it in some way," and continued with, "So it was great to sort of dip your toe in it."

Do you think Jen should just keep mum about her plans to be a mom?