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Jennifer Aniston made a wise decision in back in the '90s: She chose a then-unknown pilot called Friends over a stint on Saturday Night Live.

"We wanted Aniston to be on the show with us," Adam Sandler told Oprah Winfrey earlier this week.

After Sandler learned she had turned the spot down, he says he remembers thinking, "She said no? She's gonna do that Friends? What the hell is Friends?"

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Aniston appears to have made the right choice. She ultimately earned $1 million per episode of Friends.

Aniston admits her friends thought she was crazy for choosing the pilot over the sketch comedy show. "They were like, 'You're so stupid.' They thought I was making a huge mistake," she told Oprah who added, "Worked out for ya."

Aniston and Sandler co-star in Just Go With It, which hits theaters Feb. 11.