Jeffrey Morgan by Todd Williamson/ Jeffrey Morgan by Todd Williamson/

We caught up with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played Denny on
Grey's Anatomy, over the weekend at the 18th annual A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival in L.A.

Sponsored by Disney, it's a benefit for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Celebrities volunteer their time in carnival-style game booths, including an enchanted castle and the pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. Jeffrey was happy to talk about what he's been doing this summer, what Isaiah Washington told him about leaving Grey's and his special flair for icing cupcakes.

TV GUIDE: What brings you here today?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan: The event and the cause.

TV GUIDE: Do you have a serious job here that you're doing?
JDM: Here? Yeah, I am decorating cupcakes. That's my serious job.

TV GUIDE: Have you been practicing?
JDM: I did. I got some frosting yesterday and decorated my dog's head and she looks great, so yeah, I did a little bit of practicing.

TV GUIDE: So what have you been doing for work?
JDM: I've just finished three movies so I've been off for about a week.

TV GUIDE: What are the movies?
JDM: I did PS. I Love You with Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler and The Accidental Husband was me and Uma Thurman, and I just finished a movie called Days of Wrath with Laurence Fishburne - a big ensemble cast on that one.

TV GUIDE: And on Grey's you keep coming back from the dead.
JDM: I can see myself doing Grey's from the other side. They can bring back me and Kyle Chandler once a year to do a little thing.

TV GUIDE: Was that a fun episode to do?
JDM: I had so much fun. I mean, I love those guys, I love all of them and meeting Kyle and working with him was especially fun because we have the same kind of sick sense of humor so we had a really good time shooting that.

TV GUIDE: What was your reaction to Isaiah getting fired?
JDM: Oddly enough, I ran into him the day it happened at a restaurant and you know what, he's fine. He's not angry, he's not mad and he's going to be OK.

TV GUIDE: So when he said he was mad as hell and wasn't going to take it anymore, that was really just a TV quote?
JDM: Yes. It was. Because I think he's already got some other opportunities and he's going to be fine.

TV GUIDE: Did he say anything to you about leaving the show?
JDM: We talked about it. I think it's a little bit of a disappointment even though he didn't say that, but he's fielding offers already from every network so I have no doubt that everything will be fine and Grey's Anatomy will move on just fine without him and whatever he ends up doing will be great. - reporting by Carita Rizzo