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Janice is pretty smart. If every other time you're going to be on TV, you get prettied up by professional makeup artists and hairstylists, why the hell not on reality TV? Sharon Osbourne did it. And if

Omarosa didn't think of it herself and instead looks like a transvestite in clown school, too bad. That random book-signing by Jose Canseco of his new best-seller, Juiced, was quite a good deal his agent must have cooked up as part of the slugger's Surreal contract. I'm willing to bet that those autograph seekers who confronted him about "ruining baseball" with his exposé were planted there, too. But since the occasion meant we got to see Bronson and Omarosa get in a little tiff, we all win.

Funny how the bowling challenge made Omarosa look almost human. The biggest shocker of the show so far is the revelation that the notoriously selfish fame seeker actually volunteers with mentally disabled people. (Could this have been her agent's clever plan?) You gotta hand it to her, she was good at being the Sunshine Strikers' team captain. And man, that team could bowl! Meanwhile, the two professional athletes on the Surreal team, Jose and Carey (who said maybe two words the whole episode) were embarrassing. It's a good thing Bronson, of all people, got Janice to shut her perfectly made-up trap for a minute, 'cause her competitive exchange with the Strikers was getting ugly. But oh, I cannot wait to see more of her moves on Jose in the coming weeks. Hey, was that buzzing at the end really what they wanted us to think it was?