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Mad that Ed O'Neill said Jane Lynch didn't deserve an Emmy for Glee? Don't be — because she says she's not, and he says he never said it.

Ed O'Neill: Glee's Jane Lynch shouldn't have won the Emmy

Earlier this week, TV Guide Canada quoted the Modern Family

star as saying that Lynch's acerbic Sue Sylvester was too "one-note" to win the supporting actress in a comedy Emmy and that his on-screen wife, Sofia Vergara, should've taken home the award. O'Neill, who has never been nominated for an Emmy, said in a statement to Enterainment Weekly Thursday that the magazine misquoted him from a group interview with journalists."I never said those words and transcripts of the press conference attest to that fact," his statement said. "Of course I root for my dear friends Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen (and all of my colleagues on our show) at Emmy time, but I absolutely never said, nor do I believe, that Jane — whom I think is an enormous talent — was undeserving of the award. I reached out to her yesterday to ensure she knew I'd been misquoted, but I wanted to clear this up publicly as well."TV Guide Canada issued a retraction Thursday and O'Neill's actual quote."Our writer did not mean to misrepresent Mr. O'Neill or anyone else involved in the story," the statement said. "He and TV Guide Canada sincerely apologize for this error."O'Neill's actual quote read:"I'm one of Jane Lynch's biggest fans. I love Jane Lynch. She is a genius. But at the same time I said 'Sofia could win' because ... and I've only seen Glee a couple of ... I've only seen Glee once. But I thought Jane's role is rather one-dimensional. It's kind of strident. It's always kind of the same. I've seen her be much better. So I thought 'Sofia's funnier,' and I think she is in these two comparative roles. Anyway, Jane won. But I was hoping that Sofia would."Lynch said in a statement that she was not bothered by the actor's alleged comments. "Thanks for being repulsed. But let it go; that's what we're doing," her rep told E! Online.

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In addition to Lynch's win, Glee won directing for a comedy series (Ryan Murphy) at the Emmys. It lost best comedy series to Modern Family, which also won awards for supporting actor (Eric Stonestreet) and writing for a comedy series (Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd).