James Roday James Roday

Take James Roday's word for it: Season 5 won't disappoint fans of the detective series Psych (season premiere airs tonight, 10/9c on USA), in which he stars as fake psychic Shawn Spencer. "My big thing about this show is let's never outstay our welcome, and I'm excited, because this season we're either topping what we did last year or finding new ground we haven't yet explored."

The evidence speaks for itself with upcoming episodes that include guest stars William Devane and Carl Weathers playing old-school versions of Shawn and his sidekick Gus (Dulé Hill). And get ready for a slice of cherry pie and a damn good cup of coffee, because a Twin Peaks reunion is in the works. "I happen to be good friends with a key player from that show, so I can guarantee you at least one [original cast member] to come on."

Roday is also confident that this is the season Shawn will get together with longtime crush Juliet (played by Roday's real-life girlfriend, Maggie Lawson). But will that be Psych's "jump the shark" moment? Assures Roday, "If we get the slightest feeling that it's not having the desired effect, we can immediately pull the rug out from it." And who says romance is dead?

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