Cody Cash, Mark Moses, James Denton Cody Cash, Mark Moses, James Denton

Forget the serial killer — the most distressing mystery on Wisteria Lane is whether or not the idyllic street will be vacant next fall. "I wish I knew if we were coming back. It would be nice to know if we had a Season 8," Desperate Housewives star James Denton (Mike Delfino) told TV Guide Magazine at Thursday's Lupus LA Orange Ball, where he was performing with Band from TV and co-star Teri Hatcher. "We're all kind of on pins and needles."

Though the cast has finished their salary negotiations and agreed to return for more neighborly drama, ABC still hasn't announced the pick-up of another season, possibly leaving the announcement until next week's upfront presentation. "I'm very optimistic," adds Denton. "All the negotiations worked out, everybody's happy, but the network has some scheduling decisions to make and we're not arrogant enough to assume that we'll automatically be there and they haven't told us. We're hopeful, but I never believe it until it's in the papers."

Denton predicts there will be a lot of angry fans, should Sunday's finale be the end of the series. "There's two really great cliffhangers leading into next year. One involves all of the women, which is really dark and great, and one involves one of the couples," he says. "The setup is so fantastic for the cliffhanger that if we don't come back everybody's going to be mad."

Should Season 8 get the go-ahead, Denton hopes for some darker storylines for Mike. "Hopefully next year we might get back to a little more of the dark Delfino, the guy that was a little more interesting and a little more mysterious the first couple of years and a little less unclogging sinks and toilets," he says. "But hey, I'm not complaining either way!"

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