James Brolin James Brolin

James Brolin — who knows a thing or two about hotels — checks into The Defenders (Wednesday, 10/9c, CBS) to play Teddy, playboy father of Pete (Jerry O'Connell). And what an entrance he makes.

"He shows up in a red Corvette that he 'borrowed' from a girlfriend," says exec producer Greg Walker, a lifelong fan. "I loved him on Hotel. Brolin is one of those guys who has aged gracefully." That's what the producers were looking for when casting Teddy. "We had an idea for a guy who possessed that handsome charm — like an older Clooney," Walker says.

But all that charm isn't enough to win over Pete, who's grown tired of Teddy's antics. "He always had to bail out his dad," he says. "It's not coincidence that Pete ended up a lawyer."

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