Jack Black may have been in the company of Academy Award-winner Gwyneth Paltrow while filming last fall's plus-size comedy Shallow Hal, but the actor-comedian-musician holds out little hope that he'll ever find himself in the midst of an actual Oscar itself. Laments Black: "There's never any love for the comedian. You have to squeeze out some tears or be disabled in some way. If you can pull that off, then you get the prizes."

Well, that must explain why there's so little awards buzz surrounding Black's performance in the new comedy Orange County (opening Friday). In the pic, the High Fidelity star plays Colin Hanks's stoner brother who enjoys parading around in nothing but underpants. It's a wardrobe decision Black never took issue with.

"That's what my character was comfortable in, so it just seemed right," notes the funnyman, who's also one-half of the self-proclaimed Greatest Band on Earth, Tenacious D. "When he's at home, why would he wear anything more?"

Still, Black would like to reassure squeamish moviegoers — not to mention his mom — that his undies were changed throughout filming. "There were two pairs and a stunt pair," he laughs. "I always wore the same ones, but they cleaned them... everyday. Don't worry about that."