I've never really understood the whole frat thing. I guess the concept of pledging anything to anyone is kind of foreign to me (yes, I'm single), especially when you have to prove your commitment by gargling Tabasco or drinking beer from a shoe. Or so I've heard. But it's kind of surprising that Tommy didn't take to some aspects of fraternity life. After all, the bungalow he shared with his Mötley mates near Sunset Boulevard in the early days of the band was pretty much a frat. If the Crüe's biography, The Dirt, is to be believed, it was a sinful stream of girls, booze and blasphemy. And no doubt it smelled like the dishes Tommy was asked to wash  "like feet and ass." Naturally, the drummer couldn't deal. But wasn't the conceit of forming his own frat a bit too Old School? Instead, the producers should have made him fulfill the pledging process, bathroom duty and all. Heck, if he survived a stint in the can, he could have easily endured cleaning one.