Since I've been a Carol Burnett fan for as long as I can remember, I knew I'd like her on this show as Bree's stepmother no matter what. She's one of those people who could read the phone book and I'd laugh. I was expecting to see Carol give us the kind of over-the-top comedic performance we've been used to ever since her days parodying soap operas on her own show in the '70s "As the Stomach Turns" was one of my favorite sketches. But what we got tonight was the more restrained Carol like she gave us in Robert Altman's A Wedding (available tomorrow on DVD rent it). Loved that scene between Carol's character, Eleanor, and Bree Eleanor grooming her wig and telling Bree what a bad mother she's been to Andrew. Too bad Eleanor turned out to be a homophobe, making Bree look like a candidate for PFLAG in comparison. It was good to see Bree and Justin in cahoots to get Andrew to stay. Hope this new mother/son bond lasts Andrew has really been a stinker.

The Lynette story line had me laughing out loud and rewinding my TiVo just to hear Mrs. McCluskey's line: "Here's the big news Parker offered me a Fudgesicle if I'd show him my vagina." I had already enjoyed watching Lynette give Parker her own version of how babies are made: "And then the mommy and the daddy, because they love each other so much, they hug real tight and then a seed is magically implanted. Then nine months later, a baby is born." I had to rewind again when Mrs. McCluskey told Lynette she's been spending her afternoons "talking about my woo-woo." Oh, how I love me some Kathryn Joosten. Speaking of loving, how much do we adore Harriet Sansom Harris as Felicia? That woman will do anything to get back at Paul for killing her sister.

I thought it was a clever way to introduce Kyle MacLachlan's character, Orson: having Susan use him as her faux date at the movie theater. Of course, in true soap-opera fashion, Tom just so happened to be at the same theater seeing the same movie as Susan. Glad Orson's showing some interest in Susan, but not as much as Karl is yikes. How funny that Karl made Susan "the other woman" by having sex with her. Best Susan line (to Orson): "Edie's not a slut she's just popular with indiscriminate men." I don't like how they give Nicollette Sheridan a week off now and then, but after next week's clip show, we'll get to see a very ticked-off Edie in two weeks. Same with Gabrielle she won't be as much of a happy camper when her baby's biological father shows up. Never a dull moment for the baby-kidnapping Gabrielle and Carlos.

One final note: It was great to see Amy Hill as Louisa Pate, Parker's teacher. Remember her as Margaret Cho's grandmother in ABC's short-lived All-American Girl? More Amy Hill, please. Thanks.